Recetas poetas
Cook Your Soul.

Jared Marchildon



Plant & story-based healing tailored to you.

Western Herbal Medicine treats the person, not the disease. I listen to who you are– your voice, your pulse, your stories, your constitution, your patterns, the data and diagnoses from your doctors– and then I turn to the intelligence of nature to help you shift from a process generating disease to processes generating health. Healing is about cultivating vitality and shepherding the soul through the night, not fighting germs.

Serving the East Bay



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Areas of Practice

Original Medicine

Before we had the miracle cure of antibiotics, the skills of surgery, the toxic firepower of radiation and chemotherapy, we had the plants and thousands of years of study and experience to teach us how to use them to heal people. And they still work. Western Herbal Medicine forms the basis of my practice. It’s a creative field that has its roots deep in European and Arabic Medicine. More recently, it has been informed by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American knowledge and Ayurveda.



I often incorporate understandings gleaned from my time at CIIS where I had the opportunity to learn with sound and musical healers from all over the world.


Story as mental pattern. Story as mythology. Story as guide. Story as landscape and climate. Story is pattern and it is the substance of life. Story is embedded in everything: history, music, economic theory, religion, chemistry. It’s the image that emerges from the magic eye pictures.

I am a lifelong scholar, reader and seeker of the old-growth ideas in the world. There is much strength, wisdom and guidance in these old-growth ideas and often key to a deeper level of healing than just clearing up a UTI.


We are the land and the air and the water as they are us. Wild ideas, wild wisdom, wild places, wild plants, and wild places. Sometimes I will send you there or facilitate an encounter. That might just take place in the wilds of your own psyche, and I’ve ventured deep enough into the wild recesses of my own being that I can often offer some assistance in your own wheel of transformation. Maybe introduce you to an ancestral food from your heritage or the wild plant in your yard with magical powers. It might be helping you rescue that wild 4 year old in you that got shut down. Maybe you just need the energy boost to realize your vision. The plants can help. Anyway you slice it, healing involves re-wilding.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke