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Cook Your Soul.

About Jared Marchildon

EL OSO holds a 12 year old Aralia Root.

About Jared

Jared Marchildon: citizen of the world, herbalist, lover, alchemist, daddy, bear, storyteller, thinker, chef, mystic, barbarian, scholar, gardener, pyschonaut, healer, teacher, wanderer. 

I ferment roots and herbs, and combine plants and words.

I work with people as a clinical herbalist, offering formulations of botanical healing remedies tailored to the client's needs and constitution. I counsel people as I am able in my un-certified way with my curious, caring and broad mind and love of mythology and story.

I cook hella delicious food.

I make fermented, probiotic, aphrodisiac, adaptogenic hot sauce.

Jogo capoeira. converso en castellano.

I grew up in a remote desert mountain valley in Southern Colorado. Now, I live in Oakland, part of the San Francisco Bay, which is a teeming metropolis and a crossroads of many cultures.

Jared Marchildon is a clinical western herbalist who trained at the Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, CA. He now sees clients in private practice. Almost ten years ago, Jared was suffering from chronic stomach complaints and spent a year working with a medical doctor who was unable to improve his condition. After a few weeks of self-study and dietary change he went to see an acupuncturist who prescribed a big bag of Chinese herbs that brewed into a dark, bitter and mysterious tea. Shortly, Jared’s health improved drastically and he felt great. The thought occurred to him that if roots and barks and mushrooms and leaves from China worked like this, then the plants growing right around him must have properties that he could learn and apply. This experience initiated a long exploration into the healing power of plants and food. Jared continues to study and learn from the plant allies.

Jared makes fermented hot sauce with aphrodisiac and adaptogenic herbs, selling them under the name SEXI SPICE.

Jared courted his wife with herbal teas and tasty dinners. They went to herbalism school together and during this time, conceived a baby girl named Azulene–the blue medicinal oil found in chamomile flowers. His website is