Recetas poetas
Cook Your Soul.

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Recetas poetas

Recetas poetas gives a name to my work to give meaning to a world in crisis, to help shape the course of human affairs in my little niche in time and space. 

To make identification possible across many languages, we use Latin to denominate plant species. So Oshá root, a powerful lung herb that stimulates the immune system and helps fight off infection which is known in Native American healing as bear medicine, is written as Ligusticum poryii. Genus species. 

Recetas means recipes in Spanish. It comes from the Latin root meaning of "to receive", also a formula for making or using a medicine. Now, we use it to describe a culinary formula for making food. Recetas makes up the genus of Recetas poetas. For me, it means the mode or way of doing something well, specifically for the purpose of healing, making food and making medicine. Its the plan. The Tao.

Poetas means poets. In the realm of language, poetry evokes words drawn from world of possibility and imagination, the field matrix wherein lies all possibility. Language gives expression to meaning, a kind of shorthand for what is. Humans live in a world of meaning and give meaning to the world they live in. We are in essence mythological. Poets, Gary Synder once said, find the piece of the mythology that fits the current environment and give it voice.

That leads me to understand Recetas poetas as "The Poetic Prescription", "The Beautiful Path," or "The Imaginative Gift of Being."