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Medicinal, fermented, aphrodisiac, adaptogenic hot sauces.
So good, they are explosive. 
No, seriously,

You will need to give your medicinal hot sauces some care for the next couple of weeks.

I apologize.

I misjudged how far along my ferments where when I bottled this batch for the Hacienda Holiday Faire. I have received a report of a bottle exploding, although I have 2 dozen bottles in my house that have not exploded. You can avoid an explosion by taking some simple precautions.

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Why would this happen?

Sexi Spice is fermented and the fermentation process creates gases that can build up and create pressure. This active stage only lasts between a   week and a month, after which the ferment can be bottled without this concern. This does not mean that the sauce is bad or has something wrong with it, it is just too active to be in a bottle. The chiles would rather be burping away in an airlock.

NOTE: The Red Earth Love Sauce is a vinegar based sauce and has no chance of exploding.

How do I prevent my bottle from exploding?

  1.  Burp it! Open the bottle every day for the next week or two and let the gases out. Eating a little and creating a little more space in the bottle will also help.
  2. Keep the bottle in the fridge. Refrigeration slows the fermentation process down, giving you more time between burps.
  3. Leave the cap off, or at least leave it loose. This allows air to escape, and prevents the pressure from building up.
  4. On the counter, burping everyday, the sauce should slow down and finish active fermentation within a week or two. In the fridge it will take longer, maybe a month, but you will give yourself a cushion between burps.

What if I have a problem with my sauce?

Contact me. We will suss it out.

Remember:  You may not have a problem. You may just have a fermented, medicinal sauce and need a little education about what that means.

What is your return policy?

SEXI SPICE is a small batch, artisanal food product. It is fermented and this living, active food is what it is. I have opened kombucha bottles from the best fermenters and laughed and cursed as half the bottle erupts all over my clothes and car. Welcome to the unpredictable, beautiful world of fermentation. No returns on food products.

However, if you bought sauces at the Hacienda Holiday Faire (please provide your receipt), and we failed to explain to you that it needs to be refrigerated and burped, I will give you a coupon for a bottle of hot sauce of equal value. Customer pays for any shipping.

I wanted to know more about the herbs, this wacky name and what makes it sexy...

Come back to Recetaspoetas in the next few weeks for stories about each individual sauce, the ideas, herbs and process behind SEXI SPICE. I will have stories about the names and lots of fun links and information for you. In the meantime, take care of those bottles so they don't go boom in the night.