Recetas poetas
Cook Your Soul.

the kitchen

I am available for service as a private chef. My mission is to inject healing into the food. Nourishment is one of our great healing tools. Herbs and spices aid immensely. The hands that prepare the food bring an energy that is palpable. The Koreans have two words for flavor. There is the flavor of the ingredients: "food taste", and the flavor that comes from the way the ingredients are grown, handled and prepared: the "hand taste." As beautifully depicted in Like Water for Chocolate, the chef truly influences the energetics of a meal.

I have worked with several people to manage or reverse their health concerns with this kind of understanding. My path to studying herbal medicine began years ago when I healed myself by studying my diet, down to every ingredient, and how it affected me. I then studied the Traditional Chinese Medicine theory of foods, Ayurveda and the principles of Weston A. Price. I consider myself a traditional foods chef whose emphasis is on nutrient dense food. I have been cooking everyday for more than a decade. I improvise almost everything I make.

I focus on local and seasonal ingredients, pasture-raised meat and eggs.

My rate includes menu planning, shopping and cooking. Ingredients are reimbursed. I am also happy to teach.