Recetas poetas
Cook Your Soul.


Receta/Recipe, from the french récipé derived the latin recipe meaning to receive, also to regain possession. An archaic meaning is a medical formulation, a prescription

Recetas poetas is a project to combine my interestes in myth-the poetic-, food culture and herbal medicine.

Sexi Spice is a line of adaptogenic and aphrodisiac hot sauces. Each of the three has ashwaganda and shatavari, two of India's most important reproductive herbs that are eloquent adaptogens. Adaptogens balance the endocrine system-our hormones-imparting extra grace and stamina under stress. Ashwaganda contains the strength and vitality of a powerful horse yet is said to have the horse's peaceful gentle quality as well. Shatavari translates as the "woman with a thousand husbands" for it nurtures the juice and wisdom of one with such a stature. 


                                                              Shatavari flowers

Hawthorn comes from the European tradition. In ages past, people built hedges from it as a boundary. The faeries, the underworld and the spirits are never far from the hawthorn tree. The berry is one of the plant kingdom's most generous heart tonics. In small doses, it helps us connect to spirit.

Cinnamon it used to harmonize the yin and the yang, the female and male energies. Garlic is a sexual stimulant and cleans our cardiovascular system. Rose hips add a touch of vitamin C, and the sweet energy of the rose.