Recetas poetas
Cook Your Soul.

What I do


Jared. Alchemist, Herbalist, Bear

I cultivate vitality.

Plants and fungi nourish the path of awakening by guiding, tricking, pacifying, energizing, calming, supporting and so on...

I give care primarily by creating unique combinations of herbs for each client, tailored to their constitution and circumstance. You might think of my herbalism as compost or fertilizer for the human spirit.

I seek grace and beauty and want this for you too.

I help you find the golden thread

The golden thread is the delicate, luminous string of meaning that leads us through our lives. Growing awareness through sensitizing oneself to thoughts, feelings, sensations, intentions, aromas, emotions, connects us with this thread of meaning. Walking our beautiful path creates wholeness and wellbeing.

I may be able to help you forgive, to heal, do the work, raise your consciousness, improve your health, ease your stress, meet a plant friend, dodge a demon, wrestle an addiction, quiet your mind, plant a seed of understanding that may drop down in your conscious and grow to someday, some months or years later blossom into knowledge that you can apply.  I may be able to help you dance the dance of life with a little more elán and a little more purpose.

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We sit together. We talk and inquire. We cry, laugh, sit in silence, smell spiraling smoke of copal or palo santo, delve throughlayers of consciousness, meditate, go for a walk, discuss eating habits, get stumped, break through some spiritual stagnation, wait out an impasse, and so on.

In the first visit I always try to understand what you want from me, the herbs, and our time together. (Lower anxiety, bring back a period that went missing after extended use of birth control, find true love/love yourself, normalize blood sugar, CTFO–chill the fuck out/lower stress, improve reproductive function, discover the habit–a food that aggravates, a thought that recurs–that creates problems for you, get help transitioning from one phase of life to another, and so on.)

Here are some of the elements of my practice:



Roots, stems, leaves, aerial parts, flowers, essence, plant spirit, elementals, nodes, lobes. Herbs, and some mushrooms, form the basis of my offering. I studied at the Ohlone Herbal Center, drawing our lineage back to Michael Moore. The plants can help us regulate our hormones (ie, physiological change) or their spirit can jump up inside us given the right conditions and pollinate a new dream (spiritual/emotional change). Of course, this is a two way street. When your belly aches, or your blood sugar is bouncing up and down like a yo-yo it is hard to keep an even mind. And, when your mind is monkeying around, it's likely to manifest some physical illness sooner or later. I like to say that if you are working on your anger (with or without a psychologist), you are likely to make much more headway if diet and lifestyle are being addressed and you have some liver drudging herbs to help flush to toxins and anger out.

Most of the herbs I provide come in the form of a water/alcohol extract, alhough sometimes, I give tea, recommend an herbal bath or perform a limpia with fresh plants.


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I explore with my clients to know how each one might better nourish their self.

"What we do with food, we do in our lives. Eating is a stage upon which we act out our beliefs about ourselves." –Geneen Roth

We might identify a problematic element such as industrial seed oils or explore specific foods that cool a hot condition or are known to help regulate blood sugar levels. Nourishment goes beyond nutrients though, and we might find reason to explore seasonality, sustainability, cooking techniques, when to eat or not eat certain foods, proper relationship with food. Nourishment for some clients might extend into any arena of life-how we nourish our time, our relationships, our bodies, our minds, our stomachs, our children, our soil, our body politic. Nourishment might need to take the form of play, exercise, dance, babysitting, prayer, yoga, going to bed earlier, turning off the TV, reading a challenging book, gardening, working with herbs and so on.


Divination and the Primordial Language of the I Ching

For me, the I Ching is one of the "Big People" who holds us by the hand and offers sage advise when we get bound up in life's whitewater rapids. A fractal geometry of time, it can provide a map for navigating the nature of the particular moment unfolding in the ripening trajectory of life. It teaches us to hold to the center, abide at the hinge of things and cultivate equanimity.

I continuously deepen my relationship with this ancient oracle. When the opportunity arises, I introduce my clients to the "Book of Changes" and rely on it to guide our conversation. The I Ching offers a language older than words: we sense the hexagrams as primordial utterances that reveal some essential contour of the present (which in this language older than words is also past and future). As David Hinton says, "It is nothing less than a dance with mystery."

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